About Us

Let me give you a little background about myself I worked with my Dad Rick Cullen owner of Cullen Circuits for 12 years and now I started my own cable line (Cullen Cable). I have manufactured for many companies including PS Audio (we made the Mini Lab and Lab Cables where all PS Audio cables originated from), James Bongiorno’s Ampzilla, Arnie Nudell’s Infinity and Genesis Technologies, BGW, Camelot and many more. Anyways I have been building products for all these companies and let’s put it this way I have got a lot of experience building cables, amplifiers, doing mods and pretty much putting together any High End audio piece of equipment.

Having grown up in an atmosphere of electronics and Hi-Fi, I was naturally drawn into “the family business”. This is where I served my apprenticeship and “learned the ropes”. It was from that vantage point that I am able to avail myself to a broad spectrum of electronic know-how. I have brought that experience to bear in building Cullen Cable and more importantly my cables.

We know how expensive Cabling can be these days and here at Cullen Cable we strive to produce Audiophile quality products without the huge price tag. All cables come with a 30 day money back guarantee.  (Customer pays return shipping)

We are located in Central California where all of our products are hand built using only the best quality materials.