Crossover Series Speaker Cables

Crossover Series Speaker Cables

Our flagship Speaker Cables that compete with ones that cost up to 5 times as much. These are based after our well known Crossover Series Power Cables. They are drop dead silent as each individual 12awg wire has its own ferrite noise suppressor. There is not a dull seat in the house as they throw a huge soundstage.

Speaker Cable Features:

  • Military Spec Wire
  • 12 Awg 99.99% pure silver plated copper wires
  • Teflon Dielectric which is extremely Quick and accurate
  • Ferrite noise suppressor on each 12awg wire
  • Super Flexible
  • Available in Bi Wire or Regular Configurations
  • Available with Spade and or Banana Connectors
  • Teflon wrapped then covered with Techflex Sleeving
  • Completely Hand built from the Ground up
  • Made in the USA


  • Gold Plating over Solid Copper
  • Spades have 5/16th to 1/4 inch spacing and will fit almost any Binding Post on the Market.
  • Bananas have 9 individual leaf spring contacts which will help provide a tight grip in your binding posts and will give them a maximum signal transfer.

Prices per pair:

  • 6 foot Pair $280 Bi Wire Pair $320
  • 8 foot Pair $300 Bi Wire Pair $340
  • 10 foot Pair $320 Bi Wire Pair $360
  • 12 foot Pair $340 Bi Wire Pair $350
  • 15 foot Pair $380 Bi Wire Pair $420