Cullen Cable Filtered Crossover Series Power Cable

Cullen Cable Filtered Crossover Series Power Cable

With this power cable you get the best of both worlds. It is a 6 foot Crossover Series Power Cable that has a 20 amp RF/EMI shield filter built in. This Cable will replace Power Conditioners or you can use it with one for extra filtering before the Power Conditioner.

Crossover Series Power Cable info:

This Crossover Series Power cable brings to the table the perfect blend of Silver and Copper.It is completely hand built from the ground up. I start with 3 – 12 Awg 99.99% Pure Silver Plated Copper with Teflon Dielectric. I braid the 3 wires in a way to virtually eliminate any Noise present. Then the wires are shielded with a 100% coverage Tinned Copper Shield Braid. This makes for a drop dead Silent Power Cable. After that the shielded wires are wrapped with a Teflon Wrap and then for a great cosmetic look covered with Black Techflex Sleeving.
The Perfect blend of Silver and Copper makes for a very tube like sound. But Not Bright or Dull. You will find yourself playing a track over and over again because you hear sounds that were not previously identifiable.

Power Cable Features:

  • Military Spec Wire
  • 12 Awg 99.99% Pure Silver Plated Wires (Line, Neutral, and Ground)
  • Teflon Dielectric which provides an extremely Quick and accurate Power Cable
  • Available with a 15 Amp or 20 Amp IEC
  • 100% Shield Braid Coverage
  • Super Flexible
  • Completely Hand built from the Ground up
  • Made in The USA!


18k Platinum plating over 99.99% OFC Solid Red Copper On both IEC and Plug
Cryo Treated for 48 Hours at -192 degrees

20 amp RF/EMI Filter Benefits:

  • Clean power from your outlet
  • Improves Picture Quality
  • Improves Sound Quality
  • Opens up the soundstage
  • Lowers the Noise Floor
  • No need for a Power Conditioner

With The Filtered Crossover Series Power Cable you can Power anything Power Conditioners, Power Amps, all front end components, Headphone amps, Preamps, DAC’s and even Powered Subs.

Price: $339