Customer Feedback

“I can testify about Patrick Cullen’s quality and enormous value in cables. He is extremely understanding in returning emails and his customer service is the best I have seen, in my 20 years in the high-fi. He will also do custom work to suit his customer’s needs, such as I my request for WBT RCA connectors. He lets me know when cables shipped, and then a follow up as to how I like them, with a guaranty. I have used many expensive and highly rated cables over the years. Cullen cables are the best all-around cables I have experienced so far.”

Jim Anderson

(Crossover Series Power Cable)

Hi Patrick,

“Just my thoughts on the Crossover Power Cables thus far…….

IMHO the Crossover Power Cables are an outstanding value and the best regardless of price! The cable just gets out of the way of the music. A quiet noise floor, great image outlines with a wide and deep sound stage. Top end is open and extended without sounding bright, Midrange sound natural with a silky tube like quality, Bass is tight and extended. I have purchased 5 set from you thus far and still planning to purchase a few more.”

Some other power cables I have used:

Harmonic Technology: AC-10 and AC-11

Kimber Kable: PK-10 and PK-14

PS Audio: AC-10, AC-5, Prelude, Plus

MIT: Z-Cord various models

Nordost: Shiva, Thor and Vishnu


Kevin Pabila

(Gold Series Power Cable)

“Wow! Your Gold Series Power Cable on my W4S ST-500 amp has solved so many problems with my system. It has taken away the glare and replaced that annoying problem with all the nice things your other customer mention. I really like that LF’s sound just right too.”

Sal Gambino

“Throw away your Audience, Cardas, Harmonic Tech, Kimber, Nordost, Purist, Shunyata, and Acoustic Zen cables. Pass by these over hyped and overpriced offerings, and try Cullen Cables. You and your wallet will be very very happy indeed!”

Joseph Leto

(Gold Series Power Box with Perfect Plug installed)

Hi Patrick,

“All I can say is WOW! The Power Box w/ your Perfect Plugs improved our system by a wide margin! I am blown away. I was expecting maybe some improvement around the ‘edges’ so to speak, but the sound improved beyond all expectations.

Once the package arrived, I listened to Joe Bonamassa and The Cowboy Junkies (Trinity Session, which is mainly Margo Timmins sounding very sexy). Joe B was first up – I noticed the sound was much clearer, yet smoother and more detailed in maybe five seconds! I also, I swear the volume was increased – I have the Conrad-Johnson Premier 17LS2 pre-amp with the numerical readings for volume, so I can match volume to w/in 0.7 db. As I listened to more of Joe B, I realized bass definition was much better also. Then listened to a few tracks of Margo. She became smoother and more detailed – not as large an improvement as w/ Joe B., but definitely significant.

This has to be the best $200+ I’ve spent in a very long time.

Also, I used the two new Gold Series power cords on the active bass units, not break-in (yet). Noticed something very interesting. With the stock cords, when I turned on the amp for each bass unit there was a smallish thump/pop sound. With your power cords, the sound is a heavy ‘thump’ – no ‘pop’ whatsoever. Cool…

Could not be happier Patrick – thank you so much. If I didn’t have other things to do right now, I’d still be listening to the stereo. As it is, I probably won’t get to sit down for an extended period until tomorrow evening – I cannot wait!”

Thanks again,

Bill Strang

(Crossover Series Power Cable)

“PSST- Do you want to know a secret? Someone named Patrick Cullen is making some REALLY high value power cables. His latest one is one of the best power cords I have heard and certainly better than anything under $1K in my experience. If you are familiar with his current crop of power cords, you already know he makes very neutral sounding power cords that don’t add their own coloration. His new one is just stunning. Its still very neutral, but instead of being polite, it energies (pun intended) your system and you hear more of the music coming at you. The first thing you will notice is its deep, tight bass- very musical -you can actually hear the harmonics of the lower notes. The second thing I noticed is Its black background- no noticeable grain or noise in-between the instruments/voices. Its very articulate. Third, speed, speed, speed. All of the leading edge transients are there. Holographic sound staging with exceptional depth. What I am really liking about this power cord though is its ability to portray the micro dynamics of the music. The tapestry of the music is more apparent. He has created a very special power cord at a ridiculously cheap price.”

If you want a cheap high performance upgrade for your system, order your own copy of his newest wire before he figures out he isn’t charging enough for it. I am going to beat all of you to it and order two more before he runs his next ad on Audiogon.

Greg Graff

(12 awg Silver Power Cable)

Hello Patrick,                                                                                                                                 “I want to comment regarding your 12 Awg Silver power cable. I contacted Mr. Cullen regarding construction of a power cord for my VPI turntable. I found this gentleman to be very knowledgeable and professional. Mr. Cullen took the time to explain how his power cords were constructed and the advantages it could provide for me and my music. After getting the cord and breaking it in for about a month it became clear to me I had a winner. Not only did this fine gentleman make the cord supple enough that it would not come lose from my turntable, but it began to make the turntable sound better. I am planning to have several additional power cords constructed. Thank you Mr. Cullen for being so particular about making the best cables and cords for those of us who can’t or won’t pay $500 for the same quality your cords can provide for 1/3rd the price.”

Bob Williams

(Crossover Series Power Cable)

High Quality Power Cable for cheap…

“Tried out a Cullen Cable Crossover Power Cable on my McCOrmack DNA-500 and it meets or exceeds the job done by cables costing way more. So, if you had the bug to try upgrading power cables but not willing to gamble the farm, might be worth a try.
Will share my observations: Have both a Synergistic MC with MPC and a Kimber Palladian PK 10, both pretty to very expensive cables with different strengths that I have used with the McCormack.

After a brief survey of musical styles (Dave Holland/Pepe Habichuela, Metheny/Scofield, Tedeschi/Trucks and Peter Case stuff), the Crossover has equal or more detail than the Kimber but with better focus and I get better balance and response at the frequency extremes than with the S MC. After a bunch of back and forth, had settled the S MC because it was fuller in the mids where the music’s heart is (voices, sax, piano, guitar) and more 3D presentation and gave up deeper bass and extended highs of the Kimber, which seemed a bit hollow in the middle.

Crossover seems to retain the rich middle and add the high and low end extension, have better focus and clarity than either of the above resulting in a better 3D/spatial presentation of the instruments in the recording space. This is with only 24 hours on the cable; others have said 100 hours does some good. Cost was @$175 versus the other two at like $500 and $1250.

No, I don’t do double blind, I have good ears. I have no relationship with Cullen other than customer satisfaction. Best way to connect Cullen Cables is on Audiogon, his new site is a WIP.”

Frank King

(Crossover Series Speaker Cables)

Hi Patrick,

“Thought I would get back to you on the crossover series speaker wire. In a word, WONDERFUL!!! Much clearer than what I was using (Groneburg from Germany ).There are more dynamics and more base output. After I let the wire break in a little, I re-equalized my system with my DBX DriveRak PA+ and it sounds better than ever. I had a slight etched sound in the upper mid range that was driving me crazy, it’s gone. What a big improvement!”

Thanks again,


(Digital Cable)

Hi Cullen.
“I have some feedback for you. I have to say I did not think there would be much of a change in the sound of my system when I installed The BNC to RCA Digital cable you made me. It is connecting my Wadia CD transport to a Monarchy Audio DIP Classic. Because of the other cables I have between the DIP, DAC and Preamp I really thought I would hear no difference in the music. MAN WAS I WRONG!!!! Even though the cable has no burn in time yet I can tell you that the music is more Focused, Present, and Sharper Image to the instruments, Bass is deeper and richer.”



(Red Copper Power Cable)

Hi Pat

“I have received the Red Copper power cable today…and wow I must say that it’s a very impressive cable indeed as I do have a PS Audio Perfect Wave AC10 power cable and to me yours has a great fit and finish to it like the PS Audio cable (that cost 4 times as much as yours) so I will definitely be ordering more cables from you in the future and I will highly recommend this cable to others. Great job and what a fantastic looking and quality cable I had purchased from you. Do you do audio interconnects as well”? Let me know OK,



(Crossover Series Power Cable)


I have 3 of your Crossover power cords, but I did not have one on my new power amp until I got the new cord today.  Just a few minutes with it and OMG!  I thought this amp was good, but now it’s amazing.  More detail, more depth, instruments are placed better, slightly nicer bass, and the mids are amazing.  The highs were always good with my old Snell C IV’s, but the blend now is sooooooo good.

Thanks for such a great power cord. All the best

Ernie Adams

(Red Copper Power Cable and Perfect Plug)

Hi Patrick,

“I just installed the perfect plug and replaced my amp’s power cable with red copper.  I am very happy with the results so far.  The background is more silent and the overall sound stage has been improved; every single sound source is more defined than before.  I believe there are more improvements yet to come when they are fully broken in.  BTW, the cable’s build quality has exceeded my expectation; your products are wonderful and I have no reservation in recommending them” 🙂



(Red Copper Power Cable)

Hi Patrick,

I wanted to touch back with you.  I received my order (4ft Red Copper Power Cable) very quickly and the cord is very well made.  I am shocked at how thick the cord is.

I plugged in the power cord into the Emotiva pre-amp today.  I am very happy with the stock sound of the Emotiva cords.  So when I plugged in your cord I was not prepared for how much an improvement your cord made.  The sound is warm, fuller, detailed with an impressive soundstage.  However, the most impressive improvement is in the increase in micro-dynamics and inner detail.    There are sonic nuggets on my Cds that I never knew were there. Well done!

Thank you for the excellent customer service and for the impressive product at a very reasonable price.


(Perfect Plug)

Thanks for a wonderful upgrade and a great product. You are definitely a genius. The level of performance exhibited by my system is unmatched. Better mid, more powerful bass, and amazing high. Channel separation is unheard of before using your Perfect Plug. Even my 65″ Panasonic plasma is benefited with deeper black and crisper picture. The best affordable upgrade to any home theater that I’m aware of. I’m in musical heaven.



(Crossover series Power Cables)


(Perfect Plug)

“Patrick Cullen responded quickly to every question and communicated the status of my orders regularly. Thank you. The Perfect Plug has been installed for 2 days, and I am enjoying a deeper soundstage, more relaxed though articulate highs, rounder kick drums and overall a more relaxed and detailed sound from my system. In the end, it is all about the music, and this purchase was for me a truly affordable step closer to it.”

Darren Henley

(Crossover Series Power Cable)

“Well, first things first. I am impressed not only with the product but also with the quality and speed of service. When you told me you needed
a couple of days of lead time I did not expect for you to begin working on the cable till after the first of the year and I was so pleasantly surprised
to have the cable in my hands on New Year’s Eve. Thank you for being so prompt!
With regard to the Crossover Cable, I consider it to operate more like a precision instrument. I bought the cable for my Rel sub but decided to examine my buffet of electronics with the cable and wound up placing the X-over cable on my Arcam AVR. In a few weeks I will be in contact with you again to place another power cable order!
My sincerest appreciation for the quality of your product and service.”


(Crossover Series Power Cable)

“Patrick you made a believer out of me! I recently treated myself to a Bryston 4BST amp and some Martin Logan reQuest speakers hooked up to a Parasound AVC 1800 preamp. The sound was amazing but I would tend to use the “tone” controls on the Parasound to get a little more bass and treble not much but enough to fill out the sound. I can attest that the change out from the stock power cable has eliminated that need. The bass is more pronounced and full. The treble is more detailed. The improvement is actually audible! I am kind of new to high end gear so was very skeptical. Wow. If you are going to spend some money on good gear you owe it to yourself to complete the package. I will not be sending this back and I am now a believer. I do not use the tone controls anymore on my preamp even, seriously.  Thank you for your dedication to help us get the most out of our gear.

Best wishes,


(Gold Series Power Cable and Copper XLR Interconnects)

Received the Gold Power Cord and XLR Interconnects yesterday. Right out of the box they are robust and have made vast improvement over my Tara Labs reference power cord and my rica cables. Ironically, I never used balance cables before in my system. Nice improvement from the get go. I look forward to the burn in. I also have a brand new pair of Thiel 2.7 speakers driven with a W4S STI 1000. I am going to get back in touch for some speaker cables and can then burn everything in together. I purchased the silver power cord from you a couple of years ago and it now powers my w4s dad we. I tried switching it for kicks with the Tara and now I feel like throwing the Tara away.



(Crossover Series Power Cable)

Patrick is a great person to work with, he is more than happy to answers each and every question, and is very knowledgeable at what he does.

The Crossover Series Power Cable sounds very good, and is well made, well worth the money, I will be purchasing more in the future

I will always go to Patrick for my cable needs.

Thank`s Patrick for great customer service and great cables.

My association with Patrick is that of a satisfied customer.


(Red Copper Power Cable)

Hey Patrick,

I received your power cords, nice, nice, nice. I am currently running them in. You are right, they are very neutral and quiet. Music is cleaner, instruments are more articulate. Thank you for making an old man happy. I couldn’t be more satisfied my friend. I am afraid to know how much better your other power cords sound. Magic I suppose.

Regards, Joe

(Midline Crossover Series RCA’s and Crossover Series Power Cable)


After a couple of weeks with the cables in my system, I just wanted to get in touch and provide some feedback.  I have to say, I am very impressed!  I knew that the interconnects would make a positive impact on the system, but I was not prepared for the difference that the power cord made.  I have never been a believer in high end power cables, but I can safely say that I see the value in your cable.  The soundstage height, width and depth are all improved.  There is so much more air under all of the vocals and instruments, the mid bass is noticeably quicker and the highs are crisp, clean, but never overly bright.  I even did some blind tests for my non-audiophile wife, and she immediately noticed the difference.  Again, thank you, I am looking forward to ordering from you in the future.



(Copper XLR Interconnects, Gold Series Power Cable, and Crossover Series Power Cable)

Hello Patrick

Sorry for the delay

My Ayre amp bias freaked out right before I had your cables burned in and started a comparison. I think the previous owner let it get to hot these girls run hot any way.

After being lucky enough to borrow some cables from others Nordost, Silnote, Shunyata, and Kimber the Cullen cables out performed them all.

If I was one of the so called magazine experts I would say do yourself a favor start here bang for buck quality and awesome

Listening experience detailed smooth and articulate you can’t go wrong. You won’t hate yourself for what you spent! With what you saved you can buy music or a new set of speakers.

Here is another bonus you can talk to a guy that’s been around and knows the brands. He has the back ground knows more than just cables and can make a recommendation for you without shooting you to the moon. You must have or you need to have all the top shelf.

Then the icing is he is a stand-up guy. I placed my order he thanked me for the order and said sorry it might be 3 days or so I liked that.

Some may be disappointed it wasn’t going out that day I paid you. But for me I didn’t have to wonder or stew I knew up front right away at that point I said thanks I don’t care if it’s a week or two just let me know when its shipped he said three days if I have to hand make them himself one night .Three days later he sent me an email they were shipped. Made me think this is the guy I wish I got stuck with on a field trip or other parent thing or sat next to at a bar instead of the ones I do end up with. Just one man’s experience one way or the other the

Cables are worth a listen and the price.

R.D Illinois

(Crossover Series Power Box)

People! People!  Please believe what i am about to say. I have Vienna Acoustic Beethoven’s driven by Pass pre and amp with Jolida tube cd player. For years I have read about VA speakers being too “polite” laid back, etc. And I, too, called my sound “veiled”. I’ve also read reviews saying power cord stuff is a bunch of hooey. Well, I talked to Patrick and told him what my problem was and he custom made a power strip for me. I am now blown away with my system. Great leading edges velvet mids and airy crystalline highs as well as nasty tight bass. I can’t stop listening. My Beethoven’s can do it all now-anything you throw at them. If you’re at all unsatisfied with your system, email Patrick and just tell him your goals. He’s the power cord guru! He s so easy to deal with. Trust me on this!


Bill Aull

(Crossover Series Power Cable)

I am enjoying the Cullen Crossover Cable on my H.T. system very much. The Crossover cable just so happens to be ideal as a couple of strengths of the Crossover is the vertical and horizontal dispersion of sound the cable is able to influence on the loudspeaker. I have owned Mirage Nanosats speakers since 2007–these speakers have the flying saucer looking tweeter above the mini driver and though I’ve had the speakers for several years I have always thought their omni directional sound projection was very limited. Well, with the Crossover cable I am finally able to hear what those little omni directional speakers have been cable of but never before had experienced with other power cords in the Arcam AVR. Also, the Crossover Cable is a great tonal match for my preferred XLOS optical cable.

Thanks for engineering such a great product and keeping the prices extremely reasonable for the blue collar guy.

Thank you Patrick,


(Crossover Series Power Cable)

Hi Patrick,

I have had a couple of weeks with your cable and must say it may be the single best value component that I have ever purchased. Fresh out of the box it sounded great and has only gotten better with time. I use it on my Sony SCD-1, cd/sacd player, replacing a PS Audio Plus 10 and I find it to be quicker, more tuneful with finer details and sense of space. Just goes to show you how important the power supply is to the audio single.

While my system is very resolving I cannot imagine spending more and getting the same results.

You have a clear winner.

Thank you.

John Shaw

(Red Copper Power Cable)


I just wanted to thank you for the Red Copper PC I got from you a few days ago. It’s amazing just how much it lets the power through without all the hype. I have it connected to my Blu Circle PLC Thingee and have everything from my integrated, sacd player, TV, blu-ray player, tuner to my cable box and it’s the most relaxed, yet big and easy sound I’ve heard.

Power-a-plenty with no downsides, big micro and macro dynamics, great, if not better extension and soundstage. I mentioned it over at Audiogon and there seems to be some interest (well deserved) so I hope the word gets out that you make a great product for the money. As I’ve learned in this hobby, spending more doesn’t get you better.

All the best,

Tim Patchett