Nitin Digital Cable

Nitin Digital Cable

Cullen Digital Coax Cables are your answer to an affordable high end digital cable. They will deliver crisp and clear digital 2 Channel or Multi Channel Audio with the only limitation being the quality of the equipment used. They compare with cables 3 to 4 times as much in price.


  • 7 MM flexible PVC Outer Jacket
  • True 75 Ohm Cable from tip to tip
  • 18 AWG solid copper center conductor
  • PE Foam Dielectric
  • High-density double shielding for maximum rejection of EMI and RF
  • 95% coverage Tinned copper braid shield
  • 125% coverage Mylar foil shield
  • RCA Connectors are Belden True 75 Ohm with Nitin Plating over solid Brass
  • Available in RCA to RCA, BNC to RCA, and or BNC to BNC
  • Made in the USA with professional grade materials

Prices: (RCA to RCA, BNC to BNC, and or a combination of both)

  • .5 Meter $59
  • 1 Meter $65
  • 1.5 Meter $71
  • 2 Meter $77
  • 3 Meter $89
  • 4 Meter $107

Customer Feedback:

Jonathan Barnes who purchased 1 – 2 Meter Digital RCA Cable said “Cable received in fine shape. Major improvement: That’s how the music is supposed to sound!”



Mike D. who purchased 1 – 1.5 Meter Digital RCA to RCA Cable said “Thanks for the awesome Cullen 1.5 Meter Digital Cable! I have determined that it is the best digital cable that I have used in my system with huge and solid sound-staging, smooth and dynamic. I was shocked at how musical it was after a 48 hour continuous burn in session. This cable has made my system more musical and relaxing to listen to. Definitely one of my best audio purchases.

Mike D.

Hi Cullen.
“I have some feedback for you. I have to say I did not think there would be much of a change in the sound of my system when I installed The BNC to RCA Digital cable you made me. It is connecting my Wadia CD transport to a Monarchy Audio DIP Classic. Because of the other cables I have between the DIP, DAC and Preamp I really thought I would hear no difference in the music. MAN WAS I WRONG!!!! Even though the cable has no burn in time yet I can tell you that the music is more Focused, Present, and Sharper Image to the instruments, Bass is deeper and richer.”